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--- On Sat, 3/13/10, Tom H <[email protected]> wrote:

> >> You can enable
> ctrl+alt+backspace through the GUI:
> >> System - Preferences - Keyboard - Layout - Layout
> Options
> > That works only if the GUI is working.
> You are supposed to set this up right after the install not
> after the
> GUI goes AWOL!

Guess you missed my other replies on this thread about that.

The need of ctrl-alt-backspace has mostly been during the initial install and the installer's configuration of X, which until F12 was always fucked, and on the install reboot, required me to c-a-b out of the hung X-server, edit the x config file manually (when there was one) or create one and then edit it.  There was also picking or installing the proper driver.  Then, later, testing.  I would set the system to boot to a terminal, startx.  If there were problems, c-a-b, reconfig, etc.

As I said, F12 is the first Fedora (I started with FC3) that properly recognized and configured the graphics and monitor without my having to manually edit anything.  Didn't even have to change drivers.  Nouveau works just fine.


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