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On 01/-10/-28163 11:59 AM, john wendel wrote:
> On 03/13/2010 10:29 AM, Amiga5 wrote:
>> The latest kernel upodate reduced my Nvidia 195 driver with cuda 3 down
>> to 190.53 with cuda 2.3
>> I have tried to update the driver through Fedora and RPMFusion and it
>> does not even give me the option to reinstall 195 series drivers at all
>> It still works but cuda 3 is a huge improvement
>> I am just glad I did not have to completely wipe out my computer like
>> the last kernel update
>> This is a very annoying problem and I do not want to have to download
>> the Nvidia installer as I have had no success with the package we get
>> from nvidia
>> [email protected]
> Nvidia pulled the 195 driver due to a fan control bug that can make 
> your card overheat. It will probably be fixed next week. Patience.
> Regards,
> John
> I thought it was 195.75 that had problem

I did not have any overheat problem with 195.36 but I am glad they are 
at least protecting us in some way.

I look forward to it as cuda 3 is much better than 2.3

Thanks John

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