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>> Upstream, either Xorg or Gnome. One of the reasons, IIRC,
>> was that
>> some people are using/could use that key combo by mistake.

> Using that reasoning, Ctrl-Alt-Del should be turned off, too.  That combo is even more dangerous.  On my keyboard, 'Backspace' and 'Del' are right next to one another.  But, you know, I've NEVER accidently or unknowingly, keyed either 3-key combo.  Not in 25+ years of using computers daily.  And I don't "do" computers for a living.  I just use them.

In Firefox, ctrl-sfhit-del gives you the dialog box for clearing
cookies, the cache, etc. I do not _really_ see how but someone _could_
in a moment of total inattention hit another more dangerous three-key
combo... I was just reporting something that I had read which may or
may not be the developers' only or real reason. You would have to ask
them - or try to sift through some devel list archives...

> It's impossible to protect people from their own stupidity. Or incompetence.

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