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--- On Tue, 3/9/10, david walcroft <[email protected]> wrote:

> >> I used this :
> >>
> >> OK I didn't realise that :
> >>  nphelix.xpt
> >> were i386 plugins,I'll remove them,but it still
> leaves
> >> libflashplayer
> >> not showing up in 'about:plugins'
> >
> > Just a shot-in-the-dark:  Is your browser a
> 32-bit or 64-bit version?  I know you said you had
> 64-bit F12, but both browser types will run on it, and you
> need to use the proper type of plugin.
> >
> > Also, are you running pluginwrapper?  It's
> usually installed and turned-on by default on 64-bit systems
> with 64-bit browsers.  It was on mine.  I disabled
> it.  No 32-bit plugins to wrap.
> >
> > B
> My firefox is the 64-bit version.
> I have in /usr/lib64/nspluginwrapper several files,so how
> do I
> know that it is running and how do I disable it.

An 'about:plugins' in Firefox first revealed it to me.  'yum info nspluginwrapper' verified that it was installed.  Since I didn't need it, I just did a 'yum remove nspluginwrapper.' But that's the brute force way.  In Firefox's menu: Tools->Add-ons; click Addons; click desired plugin, then 'Disable.'


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