Re: Problem with an external usb HD - slow usb

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2010/3/8 Patrick O'Callaghan <[email protected]>
> [Please don't top-post on this list]
> First of all, is this device a real hard disk, i.e. a mechanically
> rotating magnetic surface, or is it some kind of Flash drive?

sorry for top post and sorry about the poor english.
It is not a flash drive, is an real HD.

I search a lot on www about this issue and the only clue i find is
about sync/async option when mount the device and verify if it is
connected to usb 2.0 hub.
The strange thing is if i use windows to copy this diretory (drag on
drop), the full operation last more or less two six (copy directory
and umount - "eject" - the device),
The same operation under fedora last a lot longer. (last day, i let
the copy last for a full day and it is not finished - i pause in the

Luigi Castro Cardeles
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