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On 03/08/2010 01:35 AM, Patrick Bartek wrote:
> --- On Sun, 3/7/10, Michael Hennebry<[email protected]>  wrote:
>> Is there some trick to getting flash
>> to work through firefox?
>> When I click on a Chuck episode,
>> the peacock shows up and wiggles its tail, but that is all
>> that happens.
>> Zoom in works.
>> I've running FC 11.
>> About tells me that I'm running Adobe Flash Player
>> 10,0,45,2 .
>> I can play flash on some sites.
>> On others, I can download and use mplayer.
>> On, neither.
> 32 or 64-bit F11/Flash?
> Doesn't work either with my 64-bit F12, 64-bit Flash 10.0 R45.  Won't play Chuck through either, because it gets it from Hulu  which has problems with Linux 64-bit Flash though a browser, but not through its Huludesktop app.  However, 32-bit OS and/or 32-bit Flash might work.
> I just checked using VirtualBox running Puppy Linux (32-bit) with the default SeaMonkey browser.  NBC wouldn't work, but fancast did, even though the display in Sea Monkey was shifted.  I have yet to install Firefox.  So, I can't check it.
> B

Has this anything to do with why videos won't play on when I 
browse them in Firefox?

YouTube and other shared-service videos play fine, and so do the videos 
that I embed. But won't play at all.

Do I need a plugin to get it to work? Or do those videos not play nice 
with flashplayer?

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