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Timothy Murphy wrote:
Seann Clark wrote:

other system is too large, in terms of file system to effectively back
up (3.2 Terabytes of space) given my current means, and that system is
on Fedora 9. Using pre-upgrade in theory would work, but as I haven't
used it, I am not sure how it would impact the box, especially the VM
side of things, as I know the kvm functionality is changed just
slightly. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Surely if you have 3.2TB of disk-space,
you much have enough space for a separate partition to install Fedora-12
in parallel to Fedora-9?

I'd just get a Fedora-12 Live CD, see if it works on its own,
and if it does install it on a separate partition.

In my experience, the chances of pre-upgrade from F-9 to F-12 working
are practically zero.

A large portion of that space is dedicated to either client file share or Virtual machines, so my ability to puck with space is limited, which is my issue right now. the Pre-upgrade issue is something that I am looking at and would like to avoid doing if possible. I have done a few upgrades before using yum, with mixed results, but since this is a rather well used box, as well as the Fedora 8 box, I would like to do this the most logical, and most stable way as I possibly can.

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