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On Tue, 2010-03-02 at 16:38 +0530, Jatin K wrote:
> how do I exactly  maintain the said order of the partition in
> exercise ??

One answer:  Use a command line tool, like fdisk, that does exactly what
you tell it to, rather than a GUI tool which works in the manner it
thinks best.

Over the last few years, I've let disk druid do its thing if I'm
prepared to accept the automatic defaults, but (part way through running
the install disc) I've usually swapped over to the command line, if I
want to do something different.  And I'll set up the drive how I want
it, then go back to the install routine, and just select the partitions
I want the installer to use, without reformatting any of them.

Particularly so for servers, where I've not only wanted a specific
layout, but also wanted the reliability assurance of running a bad block
test as well as the format.  When setting up a server, I'd rather spend
the time doing integrity checks beforehand, than be surprised by
something nasty much later on, when it's wrecked my work.

I don't know why disc druid re-arranges the order of partitions, I could
only guess that the author might think that certain things (boot, swap)
are better at the start or middle of the drive, and arranges things to
what they think are optimum.

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