RE: Trying to convert a LVM partition to non-LVM

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> Subject: Re: Trying to convert a LVM partition to non-LVM
> I've never gone from LVM to native disk, but are you sure you have
> copied your MBR to the new disk?
> On 1 March 2010 11:18, Styma, Robert E (Robert)
> <[email protected]> wrote:
> > I was working on a linux box which had a failing disk over
> > the weekend.  It still booted, but flagged smartd errors
> > and had a couple of damaged files which were fortunately
> > replaceable (eclipse install tgz).
> >
> > I booted Spinrite to make the drive readable and then planned
> > to use system rescue CD and gparted to copy to an identical
> > drive.  Unfortunately, the machine used the default boot
> > partition (ext3) and LVM for the root and swap partitions.
> > gpartd cannot currently deal with LVM partitions.  This is
> > too bad as it is a great tool.
> >
> > I initially tried laying out the partitions without LVM and
> > tar copying the root partition over.  The /boot partition had
> > gone across with gpartd.  I changed the grub.conf file and
> > the /etc/fstab file and even the /etc/mtab file.  In each
> > case, the system would start to boot and then the kernel would
> > panic looking for the logical volumes.
> >
> > In the end, I just laid out the partitions to match the original
> > drive and dd'ed both physical partitions to the new drive and it
> > worked.
> >
> > My question becomes, "What file(s) other than fstab and grub.conf
> > need to change to change the root parttion from an LVM parition
> > to a normal ext partition such as sda2?"
> >
> > I feel like I am close, but no cigar
> >
> > Bob Styma

I forgot to mention that I used the grub command from system rescue CD
to fix up the mbr after I put the new drive in the machine by itself:

root (hd0,0)   
setup (hd0)

It is possible that I needed to also setup the partition boot record.
setup (hd0,0)
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