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Hi all,
I need to set up a custom rule to give me mode 666 on a custom USB device
(or on all the otherwise un-handled USB devices).
I used to do this (in FC9) by modifying ruleset 50-udev-default.rules at
the libusb entry (I know this was not the 'correct' way, but I could never
understand udev enough to work out what *was* the correct way).

Now that I've moved to FC12, this 50- rulest doesnt exist, and I cant find
where the libusb stuff is now handled. Can someone please tell me how to
correctly add a custom rule. Presumably I have to use a filename which causes
it to be executed in the right order. Does udev stop processing subsequent
rules files when it hits a rule which matches?

In ruleset 50-udev-default.rules I used to have:

###SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ACTION=="add", ENV{DEVTYPE}=="usb_device", NAME="bus/usb/$env{BUSNUM}/$env{DEVNUM}", MODE="0644"
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ACTION=="add", ENV{DEVTYPE}=="usb_device", NAME="bus/usb/$env{BUSNUM}/$env{DEVNUM}", MODE="0666"


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