Re: How the H&*()*) do I turn auto numbering in OO Writer completely OFF ?

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I think I figured out how to turn off autonumbering. 

First of all, the help system on OO Writer version 3.3.1 Build 9420 is

To turn it on, it says:

" can automatically apply numbering or bullets as you

To Enable Automatic Numbering and Bulleting
     1. Choose Tools - AutoCorrect Options, click the Options tab, and
        then select Apply Numbering - Symbol.
2. Choose Format - AutoCorrect, and ensure that While Typing is

To actually turn auto numbering off, go to Format -> Autocorrect ->
Autocorrect Options.

Go to the Options tab.   Unselect the "Apply numbering - symbol: *"

While I was in the option tab I also turned off "Replace bullets with:

At this point I don't know if this setting is saved for OO Writer
globally or if I have to do it for every document I start.  But at least
its not tripping me up on my work tonight. 

I hope this helps someone. 


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