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Timothy Murphy wrote:

> So you are saying, basically, that one can safely copy / 
> on a running system?


as mentioned by roberto, best done at 'level 1' as root. my apoligies for not
mentioning such and '/proc'.

i do tend to be 'terse' and forgetful of this being a 'tsl' [tech support
list] where all points should be presented as if poster is a 'newbie' and
for a sake of a 'newbie' who might be reading 'tsl' on a web page.

in as much, using 'rsync' vs 'cp' gives advantage of an output of files
copied which maybe redirected to a file. running 'rsync' a second time and
redirecting output to a second file will show if any files where missed.
seldom has this found any.

i have used 'cp -a' as a test for backup copies followed by 'rsync' and found
files that where not copied.

another advantage of learning 'rsync', not all versions of 'cp' [5.97] have
ability to skip directories as 'rsync' has.



peace out.



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