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On Thu, 2010-02-11 at 11:16 +0000, Dave Cross wrote:
> I'm in the process of moving data from an old machine to a new one.
> Both machines are running Fedora 12.
> There's rather a lot of data on the old machine and I'm reaching the
> conclusion that rather than transfering it over  the network I'll just
> pull one of the disks out of the old machine, stick it in the new one
> and copy the data.
> But the disk in the old machine contains a logical volume. The LV
> corresponds completely to the disk. i.e. all of the LV is on the disk
> and the disk only contains this LV.
> If I put the disk in the new machine, will the new machine just
> recognise the LV on the disk? Or is there some more configuration I
> need to do? Perhaps I can just copy over the relevant line from
> /etc/fstab?

Yes this will work just fine. The only issue you really need to consider
is whether the VG names on the old/new systems will collide. If they are
both fresh f12 installs then you should be fine as Anaconda now adds the
hostname to the names of VGs it creates by default.

If there is a collision then you may want to look at the vgimportclone
script in recent LVM2 releases (included in f12's lvm2 package).


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