Re: Packages to be removed for Fedora 13

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On Tue, 09 Feb 2010 17:31:41 -0500, Lyos wrote:

> >> I have taken ownership of gnome-applet-netspeed, as I use it as well.
> >>
> >> However... I need a co-maintainer who is familiar with C/C++.
> >> Anyone willing to step up?
> >>      
> > Familiarity with C/C++ (the netspeed applet is written in C) doesn't
> > imply familiarity with the APIs of GTK+, GLib, Pango and other libraries.
> >
> > In one gnome-applet-netspeed bz ticket I've added a link to a
> > ticket where gnome-screensaver crashed in exactly the same way in
> > gtkiconcash code. Perhaps due to memory corruption, but maybe it's
> > the same bug afterall - or a shared problem.
> >
> >    
> True.
> It sounds like you're at least semi-familiar with the issue.
> Would you be willing to help maintain this package?

There have been a few other people who want to keep it alive and who
actually use it.

It's seems to be unmaintained upstream. There are unanswered tickets in
upstream's tracker. It looks as if there are more issues than what has
been reported in Fedora's tracker. => Program would benefit from an active

All I've done was to take a brief look at the source for a first
impression of code quality. And to look for obvious mistakes.

There is enough that current packagers could do. Browse other dist's bug
trackers/packages to look for existing patches. Create a list of what
doesn't work, separate it from feature requests. Determine test-cases for
reproducing crashes, possible specific to wireless networking. Browse bz
tickets for dependencies to find out where the memory corruption might
come from. Try to talk to the gnome-screensaver package maintainer to ask
what he thinks about the gtkiconcache crash.

Though, there is no immediate need to spend time on this package as long
as it's unmaintained upstream and as long as crashes are not reproducible.
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