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Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>> Just to be clear, I am not complaining that real cdrecord is not included,
>>> I'm complaining that something else which works differently is called
>>> cdrecord, and if I forget to put in the real thing I wind up with f___ing
>>> $3 Blu-Ray coasters! I don't care if it is compatible at the command line
>>> level, just that it is compatible at the "works correctly" level.
>> Don't use wodim for Blu-Ray (nor DVDs), use growisofs, that's what it's for.
>> K3b only ever uses cdrecord or wodim for CDs. For DVDs, and in the latest
>> beta version which adds Blu-Ray support, for Blu-Ray, it uses growisofs
>> instead. It does that for a reason.
> Well, the reason appears to be that cdrecord is not available in Fedora unless
> you install it yourself, Fedora has chosen to take the respected cdrecord name
> and put wodim in its place. This seems to me as ethical as selling replica Rolex
> watches, the user get something other than what they expect.
> Real cdrecord seems to work correctly for Blu-Ray, and user would be far better
> served by not having any cdrecord in a Fedora system at all, and letting
> rpmfusion provide the real thing.
> I would not be unhappy without cdrecord, I can supply it. Having a program
> pretending to be cdrecord which doesn't do Blu-Ray and seems not to do SVCD (I
> only tried a few, the files worked with real cdrecord) correctly. No, not much
> demand for SVCD.

I fully agree with You, and I interpellate too for relegation of real
cdrecord on rpmfusion. With actual excuse I have many problems, as well
as many peoples in my neighbourhood.

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