Re: Zen kernel, what are advantages if any?

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Antonio Olivares wrote:
> I have read a bit about the zen kernel

Looks like this is a fork of the kernel Linux which hopes for confusion with 
Xen to grab people's attention.

They're merging several patches. Some of the stuff they ship (e.g. btrfs) is 
also shipped in the Fedora kernels and should be headed for upstream soon 
(but e.g. btrfs is not ready for production use, it's not the default in 
Fedora for a reason, we ship it only for testing purposes). Some other stuff 
(I've noticed at least reiser4 and tuxonice) has been rejected outright and 
is likely to never make it into the upstream or Fedora kernel, or at least 
not without significant changes. And some of the stuff they merge is just 
additional modules which could be built as out-of-tree modules just as well.

I think the Fedora kernel maintainers have more expertise about what patches 
are reliable enough for production use and maintainable in the long run than 
those "merge everything" folks.

        Kevin Kofler

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