Re: ATI graphics mobility 5830 - does it work?

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Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> * you can buy the laptop and live with such graphics for at least a year
> or so (my wild guess), until ATI releases the specs for the card and the
> radeonhd developers implement a working driver.

FYI, a first 2D-only (and I think XRender acceleration, i.e. 2D 
acceleration, is also not ready yet) UMS-only (userspace mode setting, no 
kernel mode setting) driver for the HD 5xxx (r8xx) series has been released 
to the community by ATI recently. (It seems they're now adopting the Intel 
model where they release driver source code before specs because it's faster 
for them to code the software than to clean up their specs.) 2D and 3D 
acceleration and kernel modesetting (KMS) are presumably coming soon, though 
no date has been given as far as I know.

        Kevin Kofler

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