Re: Extremely slow web page loading to only 1 site ?

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Ed Greshko wrote:
> ping sends icmp echo requests.  If a router or the end device silently
> drops icmp packets you'll get 100% packet loss.  ping is not always a
> good network diagnostic tool....unless you knew ahead of time what
> worked and what didn't.
>> Post where others on the site say they have good access:
> Access to that site from here in Taiwan is just fine.
Oh, FWIW, you can use a tool such as "tcpping" and get

[[email protected] tcpping]$ sudo ./tcpping
TCP PING ( on eth0
SYN/ACK from seq=1 ttl=112 time=325.518ms
SYN/ACK from seq=2 ttl=112 time=353.632ms
SYN/ACK from seq=3 ttl=112 time=244.839ms
SYN/ACK from seq=4 ttl=112 time=229.905ms
SYN/ACK from seq=5 ttl=112 time=285.338ms
SYN/ACK from seq=6 ttl=112 time=304.245ms
SYN/ACK from seq=7 ttl=112 time=262.691ms
SYN/ACK from seq=8 ttl=112 time=229.040ms
SYN/ACK from seq=9 ttl=112 time=228.737ms
SYN/ACK from seq=10 ttl=112 time=279.110ms
SYN/ACK from seq=11 ttl=112 time=246.869ms

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