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Antonio M wrote:
> I am helping a friend of mine to set up his machine with Fedora 12
> 1) we installed by DVD and it was o.k
> 2) after rebooting we set up the user
> 3) we started to upgrade with latest updates (but at the moment we
> have not yet upgraded kernel) with Package kit
> 4) we are experiencing system locks very often
> 5) we are using an AMD system with 2 Gb of Ram and an ATI graphic card
> if after kernel updating shall experience such locks, what shall I try??
> The computer is working great with Windows, so we discarded any
> hardware problems.

 · using it in text mode;
 . using the nomodeset kernel parameter;
 · using vesa, radeonhd and radeon drivers;
 · using “nodri” in your xorg.conf file;
 · trying various graphical screensavers, since they exercise the video
   drivers the most.

It’s still possible that it could be hardware problems: Linux
(obviously) puts different things in different memory addresses, and
Windows might well put something in a faulty memory location that
doesn’t lead to noticeable problems. So a memtest86 might be in order,


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