Re: radeon driver heading in wrong direction :-(.

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Tim wrote:
> Very easy to say, not so easy to do for some people.  And even when you
> have a few shops to visit, the same thing applies:
> They carry new cards, and only a few in stock.  Ordering in as they
> need.  The don't sell old cards.  You are going to get nowhere going to
> a shop asking to buy a card made 18 months ago, because you need one
> that old so you can have working drivers for it.

The supported chipsets may be 18 months old, but the cards with them are 
still produced, as really cheap low-end cards with passive cooling. (Fedora 
12 now supports the HD 2xxx/3xxx (r6xx) and HD 4xxx (r7xx) cards, see mesa-
dri-drivers-experimental for 3D support.) Now to be fair I don't know how 
things are in Australia, but here in Austria (note to the geography-
challenged readers: that's pretty much on the other side of the planet!) 
there are plenty of places selling them, several of which have stores in 
Vienna where I could just pick them up, no shipping. Is there really nothing 
older than the not-yet-supported HD 5xxx (r8xx) series being sold Down 

        Kevin Kofler

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