Re: Serial port (/dev/ttySX) question.

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Gene Heskett wrote, On 30 Jan 2010 02:59 PM:
> Precisely, a usleep(50000) would be much better .  And some man page studying 
> for rpmbuild options.  I tried to edit the .c source, but then it refused to 
> build and that was not the error it spit out.  We'll poke at it some more 
> tomorrow unless I start plowing thru the sources I have for sc6551.asm to 
> make that driver, for an H63C09 equipt trs-80 Color Computer 3, now running 
> Nitros9.
> Specifically, I need rpmbuild to stop after unpacking and patching the 
> tarball, giving me a chance to edit the .c file to change that, and then 
> restart at the next step.  I've been through the man page a couple of times, 
> and how to do that hasn't exactly reached up and slapped me.  Hints welcome 
> of course.
> Thanks Rod.

In case you have not already come across it...

rpmbuild -bp package.spec

       -bp    Executes the "%prep" stage from the  spec  file.  Normally  this
              involves unpacking the sources and applying any patches.

After you make your patch(es) [and put the patches in the SOURCES dir, with appropriate changes to
the spec file], you will probably want to build an SRPM [ -bs ] then clean out/change your %_topdir,
install the srpm and make sure it builds as expected. [if you had found the -bs command, made mods
and tried to continue on with building using rpmbuild you might be a bit frustrated about now,
because rpmbuild always starts from the SOURCES dir and spec.]

the following seems like a good place for you to start setting up your environment, for the kind of
work you are proposing:

related link:

If you want to follow all the fedora rules, then you should probably start setting up your
environment IAW:

Hope you find this helpful.
Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter
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