Re: Best way to troubleshoot intermittant lockups on F12

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On 01/22/2010 09:07 AM, Mark Goldberg wrote:
> I have an F12 installation that experiences intermittent lockups,
> usually at times of heavy usage.
> The system just locks up solid, keyboard and mouse are non responsive.
> Graphical screen remains
> the same as it was when it locked up. Nothing is recorded in the
> system logs, and I also have
> logging to a remote machine and nothing is sent to there either. If
> you attempt to telnet in, you get
> the first telnet message with the kernel name but no login prompt and
> it times out. Only a hard reset
> and reboot gets it back.
> I've extensively tested the hard disks and memory. Processor temp is
> well controlled by a big
> fan.
> This is on an ASUS M4A77D motherboard (AMD 770) with an AMD 9850
> processor. I've tried pci=nomsi
> and it does not seem to change things.
> Twice, running yum caused the lockup, but any intensive progam can. It
> reencodes video early
> in the morning and has locked up three times then.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Mark


I am having an issue with lockups as well on my one system at home. 
Same symptoms.  Full freeze but it doesn't take an intensive program.

I can almost always lock it with burning a DVD and doing a disk access 
in the background.  The DVD burner is IDE based while everything else is 

I can also slow the system down by running VLC.

I am running KDE and have had some strange issues lately but I cannot 
put my finger on anything.

In all cases, my lockups will leave the drive indicator light lit.  I 
cannot ssh or ping the machine though.  I don't get a login prompt.

If you can get a response, I would be tempted to run top from your 
laptop and see if some process starts going ballistic.  This is what I 
find with the VLC and it starts using up memory and pushes the machine 
into a massive swap process.  One time I got an error message like yours 
but my machine didn't die.  It seemed that the process had died and 
started to release memory.

In my case it could be related to the nvidia driver.

Robin Laing
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