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Good evening all,

The saga continues!

If I rsync from my desktop to my laptop, all appears to be well, but if 
I use a script to copy files from desktop to external HDD, the owner & 
group all get changed to 'root'. part of my script follows:

> D=`date +%Y_%m_%d`
> M=/media/Fed_Backups_plus/Fed_Backup/"$echoF11_$(hostname)_$D"/home/Dave
> rsync -CavzpA  --exclude Junk --exclude Trash --exclude *.log 
> .thunderbird $M
> rsync -CavzpA  --exclude *~ --exclude *.log WGR* $M
> rsync -CavzpA  --exclude *.log .kde $M
As I understand the man pages on rsync, the -a option should do an 
archive transfer, preserving ownership & permissions (and effectively 
include the -p & -A options -- I added them after the first trial gave 
me the root owner & group).  Anyone any idea why rsync is changing the 

Also, kwalletmanagerrc throws an "error" each time I try the copy:

> rsync: send_files failed to open 
> "/home/Dave/.kde/share/config/kwalletmanagerrc": Permission denied (13) 

a) several times on startup I get the message "kwalletmanagerrc cannot 
be written to, contact the administrator" Looking at permissions, only 
the owner (root) can read & write it,
b) if I'm trying to make a backup "in case of emergency", do I need to 
backup this file?
c) if yes, how can I make my script "become root" just for this file?

As ever, thanks for any help & guidance,

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