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Rahul Tidke writes:

I am referring
& , which says FAM can report when
a file is created, deleted, modified, or executed. So if a file gets
modified , isn't that sufficient to initiate sync to other location? Please
correct me if I am wrong.
This is sufficient, of course, if you write the code to do it. All that FAM
does is allow an application to be notified when files are directories are
changed. FAM, by itself, won't copy these files or directories anywhere.
It's a notification mechanism. You could, theoretically, write an
application that takes these notifications and tries to copy these changes.
What I want is:
1) If a file changes (file contents also) it should fire a command for
syncing to other network location.
Sure. But I am not aware of any such applications, but it can theoretically
be done. But there's nothing in the fam/gamin package itself that does this.
All it is, is a notification mechanisms. A C/C++ application must be written
to use the fam/gamin library, to process these notifications accordingly.
There may be some Python bindings, so it might be possible to do something
in Python, but I don't really know.

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