Re: Will Firefox 3.6 be pushed?

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Chris Smart wrote:
> Hey all, I'm still new to Fedora in that I've never seen a new major
> version of Firefox in this time.
> Will Firefox 3.6 be pushed out as a system upgrade, or will Fedora
> stick to the stable 3.5 series?
> if so, any idea of eta? Would it be similiar to 3.5 series or take
> longer cause it's a major upgrade?
> Thanks a bunch.
> -c
Warning! Firefox 3.6 has been reported to create insurmountable problems 
for some publishers of Web content.

The site involved is Independent contractors (of which I 
am one) report losing key features of the back-end publication tool, to 
the point at which they can't publish anything.

If Firefox 3.6 is not stable, then I suggest not pushing it out until it is.

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