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On 01/18/2010 06:04 PM, Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi All;
> I've just setup a new laptop with Fedora 12.  It's a Dell Inspirion (32bit).
> 2 questions:
> how can I get dual monitors working on it? I dont care about 3D. I enabled the 
> rpmfusion repos. I tried to install the kmod-fglrx package via yum but I get a 
> message that no package kmod-fglrx is available.

Hi Kevin,
	I have F11 installed on my ASUS laptop and used to use the fglrx
drivers for it (Mobility Radeon X1600) on FC6 and F9.  As of F11, fglrx
is no longer available.  ATI/AMD have renamed it catalyst, and it no
longer supports the older cards that used to need fglrx.  What I can
tell you is that as of F11, I can plug my laptop into my new TV via the
VGA port on the side if the laptop and I can run either at my laptop
LCDs resolution (1200x800) or my TV's resolution (1360x768).  All with
the stock radeon driver.

BTW, I have to have the TV connected (and turned on) for the
configuration tool to recognize it (scan for monitors).

> Also, when I shut down the machine does not power off by itself, it takes the 
> OS down, then prints a 'power off' message on the screen. Anyone know how to fix 
> this?

Try putting z "nomodeset" on the grub kernel line.  It fixed my problems
with suspend not entering the suspended state (though I never had any
problems with shutdown not powering off)....

> Thanks in advance

I hope this helps!

Kevin J. Cummings
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