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Chris Smart wrote:
> 2010/1/15 j.halifax . <[email protected]>:
>>> However under Fedora, I can't fund the pptpd package.
>> Yes. yum says me "No package pptpd available." :(
>> Thank you.
> You can download the source yourself and build it:
> It has a sample pptpd.conf which you can edit.
I really don't understand the conundrum.

The standard vpn server on a Windows box uses pptp.  So, when I want my
linux box to access a windows system I use a pptp client on my linux box
to create a vpn tunnel to the windows system that is running a pptp server.

When I want a windows system to access/create a vpn tunnel I have my
linux box running the openvpn server and the windows box using an
openvpn client.

So, the question is simply "what side do you want to be the server, and
what side the client".

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