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j.halifax . wrote:
>> If you want a pure linux solution you'd first have to get a TV-Card for
>> your system with the ability to connect to a satellite receiver and then
>> use something like vlc to do the streaming within your LAN.  I did that
>> a long time I can't really advise as to the set up. 
> Yes, that experience that you "can't really advise" I am looking for. 
> I.e. which TV card works w/ vlc under fc12 well and so. :
This *may* help.....

I did my own research way back when.  I first found out what I could
about TV cards in general.  I found what chipsets were used most often. 
I then looked in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/media/video to
see what modules were there and what chipsets were represented.

At that time the best supported chipsets that were also easy to obtain
in Taiwan were Bt8XX.  So, I went out and bought that and everything
worked just fine.  I still use that in my RHELv4 system with xdtv.

The info is out there.  It may not exist on this list.  :-)

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