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j.halifax . wrote:
> Thank you for your response...
> Probably I didn't say what I want clearly enough. I want to receive
> TV from satellite and stream (re-broadcast) it in my LAN. :)
As mentioned by the earlier respondent, that can be achieved with a 

I have both a SlingBox hosted in the US so I can watch TV from the US as
well as a SlingBox here in Taiwan so my  brother-in-law can watch Taiwan
TV in Abu Dhabi.  But, I also watch  that "local" SlingBox via wifi at
times.  So, it is "streamed" within my LAN.  Yes, it is a Windows
solution.  I confess to using an alternate O/S when it fits my needs.

If you want a pure linux solution you'd first have to get a TV-Card for
your system with the ability to connect to a satellite receiver and then
use something like vlc to do the streaming within your LAN.  I did that
a long time I can't really advise as to the set up. 

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