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On 01/12/2010 11:59 AM, Jim wrote:
> It's time you Cali-for-ia Gurus come out of the woodwork  and make it
> happen out there.
> I would imagine there is more Gurus in California per square inch than
> any place in the U.S.
> You now have your marching orders from the CIO of your state , so lets
> make it happen. You have heard that old saying "what ever California
> does So goes the Nation"
> Read article below and get scoop.

Truly spoken like a man who doesn't live here.

<soap> <!-- Turn away now...this gets political -->
The heavily ensconced special interest groups here that run our state
government (to the detriment of every _legal_ resident taxpayer) would
NEVER allow any such commonsense solution.  The legislature here has
absolutely no concept of the real world.  They only understand "spend,
spend, SPEND!"  In their delusional Utopia, cost is no object and 
accounting flim-flams, slight-of-hand cleverness and outright denial
that anything's wrong will hide it all.

The C-Net article doesn't go into it fully, but the $20B deficit they
quote is after the accounting tricks have been performed.  By the way,
these machinations are precisely the kind which landed the executives
of Global Crossing, Broadcom, and several other corporations in jail. 
In reality, it's more like a $60B deficit, and with interest will
probably cap out at over $100B when the bill is fully paid and the
damage is truly assessed.

But then again, what happened here has already happened in Washington 
with the Senate, House and Obama.  Trust me, you DON'T want any bloody
part of it.  Pelosi is from the People's Republic of San Francisco, for
Christ's sake!  You want MORE of that kind of bovine excrement?

There is a movement afoot to change our state flag's symbol from the
California Golden Bear to an ostrich with its head buried in a septic
tank (or perhaps more appropriately, up its own arse).
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