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    We're going to split out main server up into 3, possibly more with 
backup redundancy.  The basic setup will be 1 server (USER) holding 
everyone's physical account, 1 server (MAIL) which holds everyone's mail 
spool (INBOXES only), and 1 server (WEB) that will hold everyone's web 
space.  A user should be able to log into their account on the USER 
server and be able to access their data which resides on MAIL and WEB.  
I figured I can use autofs to mount the NFS folders as needed when a 
user logs in and out.  However, what I'm stuck with right now is the 
user space replication.

    At the moment, our old server is using NIS+ so that another machine 
can verify that someone exists, however that's all it does.  If I 
continue with that approach, I will have to manually create folders each 
time on the other machines each time we add a new user.  I don't know if 
there's another way of doing that.  But I guess the question here is, do 
we stick with NIS+ since it's been working for us in like forever, or 
should I start looking at other options?  Ideally I just want one master 
server that contains all the user information (and that will be the one 
they physically log in to) and then have the other ones automatically 
create and share folders as needed.  I realize I'm going to be writing 
scripts to make this happen, but before I go that far, I wanted to see 
what kind of input I will receive from this group.

    What's the best approach to this?  Switch to something other than 
NIS+?  LDAP maybe (I know zip of LDAP, so that may be a stumbling 
block.)  Another way to link the machines?  Anything?


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