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Gene Smith wrote, On 01/10/2010 08:26 PM:
> When I start service fetchmail all I see if [FAILED] in the startup
> messages. I see nothing in the log messages, syslog or dmesg. Is there a
> way to get more info on this?
> I can manually start my fetchmail using "service fetchmail start" after
> system is up and running and it works fine.
> -gene

Apparently a SELinux problem. Although fetchmail running as normal user 
it is forbidden from accessing files in user's ~ according to this 
bugzilla entry: .

So in /etc/init.d/fetchmail script I had to run fetchmail as
runcon -t unconfined_t fetchmail ...

So now it starts automatically on bootup.

I didn't expect this to be SELinux since I didn't see the "starfish".

fetchmail init script was sending error message to dev/null and when I 
removed that I saw in /var/log/boot.log that there were permission 
problem on fetchmail accessing the ~/.fetchmailrc files, which didn't 
make sense since fetchmail runs as user. This same script worked fine 
circa fc3 or 4.


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