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Am 09.01.2010 10:26, schrieb Vadkan Jozsef:
> Hi.
> What kind of chroot should I use, if I want to make a more secured
> desktop, running e.g.:
> pdf reader
> webbrowser
> audio player
> video player
> openoffice
> picture viewer
> mua
> ooo
> virtualbox
> e.g.: if theres a javascript vulnerability in google chrome [I haven't
> heard a NoScript extension for it :( ] a chroot would be good for
> stopping it from doing something bad with the whole system.
> or e.g.: I have to open a .doc file, that I don't trust, or a PDF can
> contain malicious code :(
> Any tips/docs/howtos?
> Thank you!

Consider the SELinux Sandbox


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