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I've reposted as I need to try and get a response as it's a ridiculous
situation reinstalling because I cannot get kde to work as it should.

I'm using fc12-86_64,my problem is when ever I logout/login or shut-down/reboot I lose kde,it will not start,only a blue screen. and no desktop.Sometimes I get the error 'cannot access /usr/bin/autorun: no such file or directory' so I cp -r /usr/bin/autorun from my backup and logout/login with no result. An install a while ago my sys. booted into a default desktop not my usual desktop,I found out that kde was not reading my ~/.kde file,I cp -r a copy from ~.kde.old ~.kde but on logging out/in the ~.kde file was over written.The only solution I've had is to reinstall the system. I've got no idea how to troubleshoot these problems.Help would be appreciated.

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