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On Friday 01 January 2010, g wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Thursday 31 December 2009, Michael Hennebry wrote:
>>> For sure they will last longer than the golden toads.
>> And that is sad.  How many and where, of the latter do we have?
>possibly none, according to;

Rather sounds like we should shed a tear.  Can we blame man for meddling in 
the weather that apparently sealed their fate?

To put this back a little closer of on topic, do we have a usb monitoring 
tool that can detect and name the processes that are apparently fighting over 
a device plugged into a semi remote usb hub, a 7 port gizmo plugged into one 
of the mobo ports?

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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