kdm crash with wrong password

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Mike Cloaked wrote:
> Bugzilla from gabriello.ramirez@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> in the above case, maybe her mistyped her password in one ocassion  and
>> when typed it correctly , the machine got the following bug
>> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=506171  " If password
>> entered incorrectly in KDM, next successful login causes X server
>> shutdown and hang  "
>> maybe you can try to mistype your password and enter correctly with
>> kernel to discard kernel- as the
>> cause
> For your first comment about the response of the system to a mistyped
> password in kdm I was not aware of - I'll ask if this it was a second
> login attempt when I talk to her later - and yes i do have kdm as the
> login manager. The status of the bz you referred to linked to an upstream
> bug which has not had any reply since the end of August!

I am following up on this issue concerning entering the wrong password into
kdm which then crashes - this problem is still there - today on a fully up
to date f11 system one of our family entered the password wong and kdm or X
crashed - 

I am surprised this bug has not been sorted out by now - the posts that
relate to this were from the end of October!
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