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Alessandro Boggiano wrote:
> I've installed the package tomcat6-docs-webapp-6.0.18-9.2.fc11.noarch, 
> but it contains all zero size html files.
> Of course, I can't see anything, as well, if I use the URL:

I noticed the same thing, and the reason I'm responding now is that yum
recently updated tomcat6 to 6.0.20, and I just noticed that all the all the
HTML files in webapps/docs are empty again.

In both cases I just downloaded apache-tomcat-6.0.xx-fulldocs.tar.gz and
installed it in the webapps directory after deleting the existing docs

This really is a strange phenomenon in that only the HTML files are
affected. All the image files, XML files and plain text files (*.txt or
extensionless files like LICENSE) are intact, yet every HTML file in this
directory and all its subdirectories has zero length. This appears to be
happening when the rpm package is created, as the modification dates of the
empty HTML files are the same as those of the intact files, later than those
of the same files from the fulldocs tarball, and earlier than the date on
which the update was installed.

I'd be interested in hearing if you've learned any more about this in the
interim. So far you appear to be the only other person who has noticed.
Maybe more people will come out of the woodwork like me now that there
appears to be a recurring issue.
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