Re: How many people need to use the proprietary nvidia driver ? (Or other non kms driver ?)

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On Tue, 2009-12-22 at 21:21 -0700, Linuxguy123 wrote:
> Please reply if you need to ( ie must) use the proprietary nvidia driver
> instead of the nouveau driver.

I use the proprietary Nvidia driver on two different workstations under
F12, one at home and one at work, for two different reasons. At home, I
have a MythTV server and my desktop is a front end, so I need VDPAU. I
also have some 3D games, so I need 3D. Neither of those is supported by
nouveau. I have no display-related problems with this machine. I have
another machine that is mostly a server that uses the same relatively
new Dell monitor, and so I just use nouveau on that machine (don't need
3D or VDPAU). It happily does full HD resolution without problems.

At work, I have an old Dell monitor that doesn't do EDID, and I can't
get nouveau to do anything better than 1024x768 on it even if I use
system-config-display to tell it that the monitor is a 1920x1080 flat
panel (which it is). The proprietary driver doesn't do full HD either,
but at least I can get it up to 1280. On this machine, I do get periodic
freezes, where the mouse pointer still moves around the screen, but
clicking or typing have no effect. Only a hard reset/reboot fixes this.
Any mention of this immediately gets fingers pointed at the proprietary
driver, so I am kind of stuck on this one. I just have to get a newer
monitor I guess.

The two machines are both i386 32-bit, but they are not identical. The
work machine is a Core Duo, and the home machine is a dual core

So I guess I would say that my results are mixed.


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