WTF is wrong with thunderbird????

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OK, so I'm an email hog.  I don't like to use the delete key.  Here's my

My email server is F10.i386  (yeah, yeah, I know its EOLed)
Its up-to-date, running dovecot as my IMAP server.

My laptop is F11.x86_64.  I'm running the new thunderbird 3.0 which was
just released.

My Inbox was getting very large.  > 70,000 messages in it.  While things
were starting to take a long time to do, yesterday I finally decided to
do something about it.  I created some 25 (or so) sub-folders in my
primary email account and set about transferring various emails from my
Inbox to the sub-folders.  For the most part, I created an email filter
for every email list I am a member of to automatically move emails from
each list to its own sub-folder.  It took me a while ( > 4 hours).  When
I was done it was working.  Kinda.  I noticed that I had started seeing
some really strange problems.

While reading my incoming fedora-list emails (for example), thunderbird
marked the email I was currently reading as un-read, right before my
eyes!  It also marked the 3 emails I had *just* read as unread.  While
going though that mailbox (using the Next button to read the next unread
email), I read some messages 3-4 times before it finally told me I had
read everything!

That's when I started to notice that all of a sudden I had 38 unread
emails in the mailbox I had read previous to the one I was in now.
When I went back to read them, most of them were familiar!  I had just
read them.  I wss going nuts.  What's happening?

This morning I st down to read my emails that occurred overnight.

Thunderbird tells me I have 38 unread emails in my Admin box.  When I go
there to read them, it tells me there are only 24 unread emails!  The
first one is dated 9/26/2009!  OK, so I read it.  I'm pretty sure I've
read it before....  I continue to read the other 23 emails.  Then I hit
the Next button again, and here I am back at this email from 9/26 again!

While I'm writing this email, thunderbird now tells me I have 4 unread
emails in my Admin mailbox.

One of them is new.  The rest are dated:  5/4/2009, 9/26/2009 (yeup,
them same one I've read twice already today!), and 10/11/2009, and
10/11/2009.  That's right, while I was reading them, it decided to mark
another already read email as unread!

Am I going nuts????   Oh, wait!  I have 4 unread email in Admin:
5/4/2009, 9/26/2009, and those 2 from 10/11/2009 again!

Now its happened again!  Please, someone tell me how to get thunderbird
to stop this madness!

Kevin J. Cummings
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