Re: please help! -- F12: login disallowed upon changing shell from bash to tcsh

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On 12/19/09 18:28, quoth Tony Nelson:
> On 09-12-19 15:27:48, Globe Trotter wrote:
>> --- On Fri, 12/18/09, Aldo Foot <lunixer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  ...
>>> So... the tcsh rpm is installed?
>>>    $ rpm -qa tcsh
>> tcsh-6.15-8.fc12
>> Yes, it is!
> Possibly some of the shell scripts used by GDM (or whatever) don't 
> specify the interpreter with a shebang line.  If they're written to 
> assume bash and bash is the default they'll work, but not if tcsh is 
> the default.  If adding a first line of "#!/bin/bash" fixes the 
> problem, file a bug against the relevant package.  (Usually you can 
> find the package with `rpm -qf /path/to/file`.)  Good luck.

I agree that a bug should be filed if that is the problem, but it wouldn't
hurt to also read that old classic

Csh Programming Considered Harmful

Even if it's a bug, hundreds of reasons to not use tcsh in the first place
might make it easier to switch over. I'll even help you rewrite your old login
scripts. :-)

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