disk moves from /dev/sdd to /dev/sde

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I'm seeing something strange where a disk appears to change from
/dev/sdd to /dev/sde under f12.  I have a motherboard (Asus M3A78T) that
appears to have multiple onboard disk controllers.  When I boot with no
external storage plugged into the USB, my hard disks are assigned sda,
sdb, sdc sdd.  When I boot with, say, a flash drive, camera or cell
phone attached the external device gets the "sdd" name and my last disk
gets the name sde.  Now, that in itself doesn't cause any problems
because I don't have the disk sdX names wired into anything.

What is a problem is that after booting, something unknown (perhaps an
ATA reset?) causes the disk letters to be re-assigned just as if it was
at boot time.  If I have some flash-like external storage plugged in my
last disk gets shifted to /dev/sde.  At that point programs like
smartmon that are looking at the disk under the old name fail to find it
and generate an error.  "smartmon -a /dev/sde" does show the disk under
it's new name, but even the kernel appears to look for the disk under
its old name.  I see lots of the following mailed to me by chron: 


    /dev/dm-0: read failed after 0 of 4096 at 0: Input/output error
    /dev/dm-0: read failed after 0 of 4096 at 0: Input/output error

How do I nail down the disk numbering a bit tighter so that things don't
move around after boot-time?

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
If the airwaves belong to the public why does the public only get 3
non-overlapping WIFI channels?

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