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>As for wicd: I used that when working with Ubuntu and was always quite
happy. So let's give it a try:
>My, my. What a headache. These thing make me feel kind of lost...

Yes. It is actually simpler to download the 2 packages from, and make && make install. That avoids the sort of conflicts you got.

Please post 'ifconfig wlan0'. Use system-config-network to configure the wireless interface. If you get wicd installed, then do a 'chkconfig wicd on' and 'service wicd start', then use the desktop icon for wicd-client, and configure the wireless card there too. It usually helps to start by turning OFF all wireless security on the router and on the laptop, while you get the rest of it working, then add MAC filtering and WPA keys etc. last.

Sounds like you are actually quite close. Once wired is working, the universe of points of screwup gets a lot smaller!


My! I sure feel like if I'm doing something wrong:

[root@sangam wicd-]# python install
Using init file ('/etc/rc.d/init.d/', 'init/redhat/wicd')
Using pid path
Language support for es_CL es_NI zh_TW no sr nl el es_ES ml uk vi he fi nl_NL ca pt eu eo ka de_DE fr it ko zh_HK lv es bg gl ru_RU fa sk es_VE de ro da pt_BR fr_CA et kk sl es_AR cs lt ja ru sv hu te ar_EG zh_CN id tr es_MX pl it_IT es_GT
running install
error: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.6/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)
[root@sangam wicd-]#

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