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On Mon, 2009-12-14 at 01:11 +0000, Amadeus W.M. wrote:
> I just finished installing F12 on a 64 bit machine and I have to say, so 
> far this seems to be the best Fedora so far.


F12 is friggin amazing.

I yearned for an OS like this for so many years.  Back in the pre
Windows 3.0 days (1988-90) I was running all sorts of PC Unixes trying
to get something that was stable and had a rich feature set.  When
Windows shipped I wanted a GUI on top of Unix.  20 years later I have it
- and more.

Linux is way, way more than I ever envisioned a Unix OS could be.  Not
only do we have a Unix compatible OS, we have a complete GUI, actually 2
or three of them, a whole swarm of tools and stuff that I never
imagined. Just look at Eclipse ! 

And its all open source !  And its all free !

I first used Linux in 1996.  I was thrilled but still wanting.  Open
Office wasn't available, it was time intensive to set up different
hardware, etc.  But it was light and fast.  I was hooked.

Now look at Linux.  Its friggin amazing.  And so is modern PC hardware,
especially LCD monitors, laptops, etc. 

I remember the days of being over the moon at having access to a Sun
workstation.  I remember drooling over a Next machine.  We have come so
far.  Its incredible, it really is. 

Nothing is going to stop this juggernaut. 

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