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On Monday 07 December 2009, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> >Gene Heskett wrote:
> >
> >Timothy Murphy wrote:
> > >I've been trying to install Fedora-12 from a memory stick
> > >to which I have transferred the KDE Live CD
> > >using livecd-iso-to-disk .
> >I wouldn't mind being able to do something similar myself. I have an
> >8Gb stick with the F12 install iso on it, as a file at the instant,
>and >my dvd writer seems to have turned itself into a write only for
>dvd's >but is still reading cd's ok.  However, this asus bios I have not
>seen >a boot from usb option in its boot menu's.  Any ideas as to how to
> >proceed?
>If you have a reasonably recent ASUS mb with an AMi BIOS, setting it to
>boot from USB is rather obscure. You need to plug in the USB stick and
>reboot. The USB device will then show up in the list of hard drives
>under Boot Order (going from memory there, but its on the Boot tab, and
>the second or third entry, iirc). Move the USB HDD entry to the top of
>the list, then save and reboot.
>On boot, ISTR that AMI does like Lenovo does, and you can use F12 to
>select the boot device. Even so, it will now boot from the USB stick.
>It's rather weird that the 'boot from USB' option does not exist unless
>there is a USB stick plugged in but.....

I would have to assume that i order for that to work, I'd need to dd that iso 
to the stick, as opposed to its status as a common file because there is 
other stuff on the stick too.  Not particularly precious stuff if that is 
what it would take.

I ran to town and got a fresh LiteOn drive ($42 USD) a few hrs back, and have 
been playing with the early F12 install.  But based on one question at a 

What is the rational for demanding that /root be a directory on /, and not a 
separate partition?  See at:

I am ATM, running F10 with /root on its own partition.  As is /usr, but the 
only problem is at shutdown time, it claims /usr is busy and I have to give 
it 10 or more vulcan nerve pinches before it will finally do a shutdown.

Cheers, Gene
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