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2009/12/7 Tim <ignored_mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Henrique Koesjan:
>>> show me before I overwrite the file, if they have the same name.
> Marc Wilson:
>> Why would you need a plugin to do what Nautilus does by default?
> Read their addendum to the original query.  Nautilus doesn't show you
> any details about the file it's about to overwrite.  You don't know if
> you're about to replace an identical file, or just one with the same
> name.
> For what it's worth, ditch using Nautilus as a file manager.  It just
> about scrapes by as a file browser, but it's hopeless for managing your
> files.  I usually use emelfm2, other's swear by MC.

Thunar is pretty good too. Very few dependencies, and I like the
volume rename thing. With the volman plugin for auto-mounting portable
media, its almost perfect. :)


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