Can't browse file shares on other computers with F11 using Samba

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I have a problem with F11 not browsing file shares on other machines. I can
browse file shares on the F11 box from other computers however just fine.
When I try to browse file shares, using Nautilus, on the LAN I can see
several machines out there and a folder for the local workgroup. Clicking on
one of the computers listed I get a message about not being able to mount
the location. I have F3, F5, F8 and a F12 box that all seem to work OK, just
the F11 box is not working. I set them all up the same.

After doing some research using Google I found this isn't exactly an
uncommon problem. Samba was removed and then reinstall using yum-extender,
no luck. I'm not using DHCP, all machines have a fixed IP, the firewall is
disabled, network manager is disabled, IPv4 is the only protocol running
(IPv6 is disabled) and SELinux is disabled. Some info I found tends to
suggest it's a Nautilus screw up, maybe.

Any ideas?

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