Re: qmmp x86_64 dependency problem

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On 12/03/2009 10:46 AM, Mikkel wrote:
> Have others run into the problem where the qmmp x86_64 update wants
> to drag in a bunch of .i686 packages as dependencies when you try to
> upgrade it? I already have all the 64 bit equivalents installed and
> the installed qmmp 64 bit package works fine.

I don't see that on f11.X86_64.  I don't currently have qmmp installed.
 When I try and do "yum install qmmp", the only package it wants to
install is qmmp.x86_64 0:0.2.3-4.fc11.

Perhaps something else is causing the dependencies you are seeing?

> Mikkel

Kevin J. Cummings
Registered Linux User #1232 (

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