Re: anyone noticed this odd firefox glitch?

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On Sun, 29 Nov 2009, Tom Horsley wrote:

> After some recent updates (which included a new ati driver) firefox
> exhibits this weird behavior on my system. When I start firefox, the
> first time it gets the focus, it flickers once like it just decided
> it needed to redraw the whole screen. (I have focus set to follow
> the mouse).
> After it does it that once, it is OK, I can move focus back and
> forth and no flickering happens till I exit firefox and restart it,
> then I get the initial flicker again.

  i've seen some trivial but fairly new oddities as well.  as i
mentioned before, the scroll bar doesn't seem to act consistently.
once upon a time, if i clicked way down the scrollbar to page down,
firefox would, well, page down.  once.  now, fairly regularly, it will
blow through a massive amount of scrolling down.  immediately
thereafter, though, it will go back to what i recall as normal


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