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Hi all,

This is almost like a riddle to me...
I want to install Windows XP on a computer that currently has only fedora installed. It does not have a CD-ROM (not working) and I cannot boot from disk on key, though I can access a disk on key on fedora. I have no internet connection on that computer, but I can still copy files from another computer through the disk on key.
How can I install windows XP on it?

One of my thoughts is to use fedora to create a FAT32 partition for Windows and make it bootable, and then copy the Windows installation there. But I am not sure about:
(1) how to create a partition while on Fedora, without being able to boot to some program like gparted? I don't think I can repartition the disk while running fedora from it.
(2) how to make the new partition "XP bootable" so I can install XP on it in Linux? I know of a few Windows utilities to do that, not sure about Linux

any ideas on this bootstrapping process will be greatly appreciated.

happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.

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