securing mysql server on Fedora/CentOS

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Ladies, gentleman,

I'm trying to secure a mysql server and according to the MySQL certification guide the file system mysql install directories should be owned by the user/group mysql.mysql. Also the server should be started using NOT the root account but the mysql account which easily can be done by modifying /etc/my.cnf file.
Assuming that /usr/local is the installation if you did install from a tar ball to this directory this must be done:

chown -R mysql.mysql /usr/local
chmod u =rwx,go=rx /usr/local
chmod u =rwx,go=rx /usr/local/mysql/bin
chmod u =rwx,go=rx /usr/local/mysql/libexec
chmod  -R go=rx /usr/local/mysql/data
chown mysql.mysql /etc/my.cnf
chmod 666 /etc/my.cnf

 Since I installed mysql upon installation and runs a a daemon is the /var/lib/mysql directory the mysql installation directory? Is there any other installation directory that I have to modify ownership, permissions to secure the mysql server? Has anyone done this before? I will really appreciate your answers? Thank you very much.

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